Immigration, Race, & the American Political Future"/>

Immigration, Race, & the American Political Future

Sam FrancisSam Francis
Raleigh, N.C.: Representative Government Press, 2003
62 pages

Paperback: $1

The pro-immigration wing of the Republican party supports massive non-White immigration, legal and illegal, in order to undercut the wages of the White working class. Unfortunately, non-White immigrants are a natural constituency for the Democrats. Thus far-thinking Republicans worry that non-White immigration will consign the party to demographic oblivion. The immigration apologists seek to quiet these qualms by holding out the prospect of Republicans capturing non-White votes. In Ethnopolitics: Immigration, Race, and the American Political future, Sam Francis methodically demolishes this argument, root and branch, showing that the Republican Party, like the White race as a whole, is pursuing a policy of demographic suicide.


Samuel Francis (1947-2005) was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University (BA, 1969) and the University of North Carolina (MA, 1971; PhD, 1979) and former policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation, as well as a former US Senate staff member. He served as an award-winning staff columnist, editorial writer (1986-1991) and deputy editorial page editor (1987-1991) for The Washington Times, and served as editor-in-chief of the Citizens Informer and as book review editor and associate editor of The Occidental Quarterly. He wrote a bi-weekly syndicated column for Creators Syndicate and a monthly column for Chronicles. Dr. Francis was the author of seven books. His writings have appeared in major newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, USA Today, National Review, The Spectator (London), The American Conservative, and American Renaissance. He served on the Board of Editorial Advisors for Modern Age: A Quarterly Review and was a member of the Philadelphia Society.

Paperback: $1

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