The Origins of Christianity

Revilo Oliver
Uckfield, Sussex, England: Historical Review Press, 2001
206 pages
paperback: $25

Virtually all American conservatives believe that Christianity is one of the most important things to conserve. Even conservative non-believers pay lip service to Christianity, fearing to offend believers.

Part of Revilo P. Oliver’s ongoing “education” in the post-World War II conservative movement was his realization that Christianity was part of the problem, i.e., that the desire to conserve Christianity made it impossible to conserve anything of genuine value.

Christianity, he concluded, teaches false values that promote weakness and irrationality. The role of the Jews in the Bible also gives them enormous and detrimental spiritual and secular power in Christian lands. Beyond that, Christianity is the product of an alien culture and race, which has thus constricted and perverted all aspects of the Western soul and civilization.

If the white race is to save itself, he reasoned, it will have to free itself of Christianity. Thus Professor Oliver abandoned his earlier attempts to accommodate Christianity, such as his book Christianity and the Survival of the West, and became an increasingly open and trenchant critic.

The Origins of Christianity is Professor Oliver’s attempt to understand Christianity by situating its origins in the broader context of what Spengler called the “Magian” culture, which is ultimately rooted in Persian Zoroastrianism. Begun in 1980, it was left unpolished on his death in 1994.

The Origins of Christianity, like Professor Oliver’s other late work The Jewish Strategy, is one of his freshest and frankest books. Approaching the end of his life, he wears his immense erudition lightly as he seeks to pass on the most urgent and hard-won truths necessary for the survival of Western man.


Chapter 1: Religion
Chapter 2: The Triple Function
Chapter 3: Monotheism
Chapter 4: Theodicy
Chapter 5: Ritual and Aryan Worship
Chapter 6: Shamans
Chapter 7: Lying for the Lord
Chapter 8: Theoktony
Chapter 9: Zoroaster
Chapter 10: Zoroaster’s Creation
Chapter 11: The Great Überwertung, Psychic Magic, God’s House, Buddhism and Tapas
Chapter 12: Ahura Mazda
Chapter 13: Later Zoroastrianism


Revilo Pendleton Oliver (1908–1994), Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois, was a man of stunning erudition: he read eleven languages, including Sanskrit, and for more than half a century wrote scholarly articles in four languages for leading academic publications in the United States and Europe. Born in Texas, Revilo Oliver received his undergraduate degree at Pomona College and his doctorate at the University of Illinois under William Abbot Oldfather. His first book was The Little Clay Cart, an annotated translation of the Sanskrit Mrcchakatika, published by the University of Illinois in 1938.

During World War II, he worked in a highly secret cryptographic agency of the War Department in Washington, DC, and was cited for outstanding service to his country. After his work for the War Department, Dr. Oliver was awarded a Guggenheim Post-Service Fellowship, and during the years 1953 and 1954 he traveled to Italy on a Fulbright Research Fellowship to study Italian Renaissance manuscripts.

In 1954, alarmed by the ongoing political subversion of the United States, Professor Oliver threw himself into conservative activism. He participated in the creation of National Review magazine; he was one of the founders of the John Birch Society; he made numerous speeches before patriotic groups; he wrote hundreds of articles and reviews. Eventually, his disillusion with the conservative movement led him to become an avowed racial nationalist.

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