The Racial Elements of European History

Hans Günther

Uckfield, Sussex: Historical Review Press, n.d.
280 pages

paperback: $25

The work of a pioneer of eugenics and racial science, The Racial Elements of European History is a treasure-trove of information about the European race from earliest prehistory to the 20th century. The author divides the European race into five sub-races: Nordic, Mediterranean, Dinaric, Alpine, and East Baltic, giving special attention to the Nordic sub-race. The author describes these sub-races in both physical and spiritual terms. He also discusses racial strains from outside of Europe. He examines the roles of genetics, environment, and language in shaping race. Profusely illustrated with 368 portraits and 22 maps.


1. Remarks on the Term “Race,” on the Determination of Five European Races, and on Skull Measurement
2. The Bodily Characteristics of the European Races
3. The Mental Characteristics of the European Races
4. Racial Strains from Outside Europe
5. Environment, Inheritance, and Racial Mixture
6. The Distribution of the European Races in Europe
7. The European Races in Prehistory
8. The Nordic Race in Prehistory and History
9. The Denordization of Peoples of Romance Speech
10. The Denordization of Peoples of Germanic Speech
11. The Present Day from the Racial Point of View
12. The Nordic Ideal–A Result of the Anthropological View of History


Hans F. K. Günther (1891-1968) was one of Germany’s leading scholars of race and advocates of eugenics.

paperback: $25
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