The Rising Tide of Color

Lothrop Stoddard
Introduction by Madison Grant
Historical Review Press, 1981
320 pp

paperback: $5

Lothrop Stoddard (1883–1950) was an American historian, journalist, racial anthropologist, eugenicist, political theorist and anti-immigration advocate.

America’s leading anthropologist from before the Second War, Lothrop Stoddard foresaw in 1920 that World War I would result in a decline of the quality of the Europeans, and the threat of the fast multiplying non-whites who will ethnically cleanse the Europeans from their own homelands.

Although he published 14 other books, The Rising Tide of Color remains his best known work. Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, in its day it was not an obscure right-wing manifesto but a mainstream sensation by a Harvard-educated scholar. In it Stoddard points out that the number of non-whites are growing rapidly and that some, especially Asians, are mastering Western technology. Increasing numbers of non-whites are threatening white colonies in some areas but, most importantly, they threaten even traditional white homelands. How skillful and united whites are in handling the rising tide would in large part determine the future of their race.


Introduction by Madison Grant

Part I: The Rising Tide of Color

1. The World of Color

2. Yellow Man’s Land

3. Brown Man’s Land

4. Black Man’s Land

5. Red Man’s Land

Part II: The Ebbing Tide of White

6. The White Flood

7. The Beginning of the Ebb

8. The Modern Peloponnesian War

9. The Shattering of White Solidarity

Part III: The Deluge on the Dikes

10. The Outer Dikes

11. The Inner Dikes

12. The Crisis of the Ages


paperback: $5

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